My name is Joy.  I am a destination photographer located in South Jersey. I aspire to capture love, beauty, and light worldwide. My longtime passion has been photography and travel. I specialize in documenting people and places in their most beautiful and natural state. I believe that there is so much more to an image than just "taking a picture."  The more you continue to look through my work--the more I feel like you are getting to know me, personally. Through each image, I incorporate my own style, creativity, and perspective of a moment.

Honestly, being a part of those moments of where you are at your happiest and most loved by your significant other and your family and friends makes me genuinely happy that I have the opportunity of documenting it. "Blessed" is such a small word to describe how I really feel about the opportunities and friendships I've created and made throughout my years of photography. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.